Introduction to Making Cosmetics

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Module 1 Welcome to the course
Unit 1 Welcome to the course
Module 2 Introduction to Cosmetics
Unit 1 What is a cosmetic?
Unit 2 What do cosmetics do for skin and hair?
Unit 3 Types of cosmetic ingredients
Unit 4 How do ingredients get their name?
Module 3 Introduction to Formulating
Unit 1 Equipment
Unit 2 Ingredient & Packaging Suppliers
Unit 3 Formulas - How do they work? Part one
Unit 4 Formulas - How do they work? Part two
Unit 5 Formulas - How do they work? Part three
Module 4 Evaluating Formulas
Unit 1 Five ingredients
Unit 2 Five Fun Formulations: Lip Scrub & Body Oil
Unit 3 Five Fun Formulations: Whipped Body Butters
Unit 4 How to fix a grainy anhydrous balm or butter
Unit 5 Five Fun Formulations: Lotion Bars & Lip Balms
Unit 6 Shelf life and Stability
Module 5 Introduction to Formula Assessment
Unit 1 Part One
Unit 2 Part Two: Analyzing a formula - green tea infused coconut moisturizer
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